We are here to support and encourage your child and to work with you to settle your child/children quickly and happily within our setting.

Settling – in visits

We arrange two settling in visits:

  • The first visit will last for 1 hour, with parental support. You will be greeted by your child’s key person so that you have immediate support from day one.
  • The second visit will last for 2 hours. We initially ask you to stay until your child is settled then depending on your child’s views and feelings, you can leave them for the rest of the two hours, as long as your child is happy for you to do so.

We are extremely flexible. If your child needs further settling in visits we will increase them until your child is happy, confident and relaxed.

Key Person

Your child will be allocated a key person before their first visit. The key person approach gives every child the reassurance to feel secure and cared for, helping them to become familiar with the Pre-School environment and to feel confident and safe within it. We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and well-being.

Home to School Book

When your child starts you will be given a “Home to School” book. This is a communication line between your child’s key person and you as a parent, this will help us share information regarding anything we and you feel is appropriate. Please deposit the book into the tray provided each morning for the key person to access.


Please contact the Playhouse if your child is unable to attend a session. If your child has a sickness or diarrhoea please leave a minimum of 48 hours after the last bout before returning them to Pre-School or Out of School Club.

School Readiness

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