Parent Playhouse Partnership

Extending your child’s learning

September 30th

Living is Learning – Washing the dishes

We hope that you have enjoyed having little helpers to do your dishes with you!

This week Millie has been doing some fantastic washing up at home – what a superstar!

We really appreciate you taking part in our activities as parent partnership is very important to us. Please share your participation with us through Tapestry.

Next week, our home activity is called “a walk to the park”.

We would love to see what you and your child find at the park – you are welcome to bring some natural objects you have found on your adventure to show us! Or perhaps share some photos from your park trip on your child’s Tapestry for them to show us, and their friends, too!

We have also added “the magic coat flip” onto Tapestry as a super useful top tip now the weather is getting colder.. it’s a great way for your child to put their own coat on!

We hope you enjoy your walk to the park!