Freddie the Teddy

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Dear Parents/Carers

We would like to introduce ‘Freddie the Teddy’. He will be visiting your home on a rotating basis.

Freddie is designed to be a fun and informative way for families to share literacy and learning experiences at home. We would like to connect our Pre School family with your home family in a meaningful and enjoyable way.

Freddie will come home with your child in a rucksack containing a storybook to share and enjoy together, a tooth brush to clean his teeth, (without toothpaste please!) and his own blanket. We have also included a Journal, which we would like you to use to record your child’s/ren experiences of having Freddie over to stay. Information you may like to record could be; what Freddie had for dinner and breakfast, how he slept that night, what your child felt about his presence. Photographs could also be used if possible.

Please discuss with your child the importance of being responsible and taking good care of Freddie whilst he is with you, we would like to share him with all our children and families for a longtime to come.

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