OOSC – Weekly Update 24th June 2022

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Dear Parents / Carers

COVID – If your child or a family member tests positive for COVID via an LFD or PCR, please can you let us know. Thank you.

This Week –
We’ve had lots of water play outside this week to try and cool us down in the heat! We’ve been painting with water, finding what’s hidden in the ice, had the drainpipes out, boats, sieves and wheels in the water tray and of course, the hosepipe. All our outside resources were available for the children to play with alongside our planned activities.

Monday – Gardening, Forest School & Woodwork –
This week we made coasters and used chalk paint to decorate them .. there were some beautiful personal messages written on them by the children. We continued with the upkeep of the garden and picked some early peas.
Tuesday – Science Society – This week we were investigating surface tension. We tried to design paper bugs that could ‘walk’ on water. We found that our bugs needed to have very large feet that were perfectly flat, so they did not break the skin on the water’s surface! 
Wednesday –– Movie Club –
In our movie club the children watched ‘Sing 2’; the children joined in with lots of singing and dancing!! The children enjoyed their popcorn.

Thursday – Craft Club – We used our handprints and colourful paper to create pretty parrots. They looked amazing and one of our crafters decided to use only pink and had a go at making a flamingo!
Friday – Baking – This afternoon we will be making a pasta salad and the children will have a choice of ingredients to make their own salad. They can choose from some of these ingredients: sweetcorn, peppers, cheese, tuna, tomatoes, and cucumber.


Next Week – Here are some of our planned activities for next week in the OOSC.

Monday – Gardening, Forest School & Woodwork – We will be using pallet wood to make signs for the children’s bedroom or their garden. We will use various paints and pens for the decoration.
Tuesday – Science Society – We will be attempting to make a load bearing bridge using only paper.
Wednesday – Movie Club – Next week’s film will be Despicable Me 2, this funny film has been chosen by the children.
Thursday – Craft Club –
We will be getting in the holiday mood as we design our own summer flip flops.

Friday – Baking – We will be making Upside down puddings with pineapple and cherries.

Have a lovely weekend!
Kind regards
The Playhouse Team