OOSC – Weekly Update 14th January 2022

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Dear Parents / Carers

COVID Update:
Here is the link to the latest Government Guidance for OOSC Settings: Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Children & PCR tests If your child has a PCR test or tests positive on a lateral flow, please can you let us know and please confirm the result. Thank you.

This Week –
Our new clubs continued this week with the addition of Forest School on Monday and Science Society and Gaming on Tuesday.  Full details of our club activities can be found below. Inside the Playhouse the pool table has continued to be popular, we held a competition too. We have been using our new games of Guess Who and Time Shock as well as old favourites such as Uno, Frustration, chess, colouring and loom bands. Outside the children have been playing football, using the scooters, chalks, skipping ropes and making obstacle courses. We have a new remote-control car which has been really enjoyed by all, ramps were made to test out new stunts!

Monday – Forest School – We used lots of natural resources, we collected mud from the garden and mixed it with some clay, mixing it to make a gooey paste! We used our mix to make faces on our trees; we added stones for eyes, clay noses and mouths and leaves for the hair.
Tuesday – Science Society – This week we have been looking at density and finding out that different liquids as well as solid objects can float and sink. We measured out equal amounts of oil, water and syrup and poured these into jars trying to guess where each liquid would sit in the jar. We then dropped cherry tomatoes, grapes, paper clips, dry pasta, nuts, and bolts into the jars trying to predict which liquid the items would float on. We found out that liquids with a higher density weigh more than those with a lower density and that syrup had the highest density as this sank to the bottom of the jars, oil has the lowest density as this floated on the top with water between them.
Tuesday – Gaming – The children used the new Nintendo Switch.  The children played in pairs and the older children helped the younger ones to play. The children were polite and made sure that they shared the time .. we witnessed some fantastic behaviour from all the children.
Wednesday – Cinema Circle – This week the children enjoyed watching The Smurfs whilst enjoying their snack of a cheese roll and popcorn!  The children were able to select their themed Smurfs activities; making mini-Smurfs out of cardboard tubes, socks and felt or drawing and colouring activities!
Thursday – Den Building – We made individual dens this week and used tarpaulin to cover them. The children enjoyed their tomato soup and roll inside their dens. Outside we toasted marshmallows on the campfire and made smores with chocolate biscuits. The children also made their own ‘welcome’ signs.
Thursday – Animating – We used dinosaurs to create our films this week. After setting up the camera the children decided on which backdrop to use and came up with ideas of what the dinosaurs would be doing. Working in groups of two the children moved the characters and took the still shots to create a number of short films; one dinosaur attacked the camera!
Friday – This afternoon in our baking session We will be making vanilla Cake Pops! The cakes will be made with vanilla sponge, coated in chocolate and topped with sprinkles! The children will be weighing and mixing their ingredients. Help and advice will be on hand for those who need it.

Next Week – Next week we continue with our themed activities. We will also be caring for our garden wildlife, making sure they have food and water.

Monday – Forest School – We will be painting with natural resources. We will be gathering twigs and herbs from the garden, and we will make paint brushes using the twigs.
Tuesday – Science – It will be explosive fun next when we see what happens when you mix bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and drop mentoes into fizzy drinks!
Tuesday – Gaming –
The Nintendo switch and other games will be available for the children to decide which ones to play together.
Wednesday – Cinema Circle –
We will be watching Finding Dory, following Dory as she searches for her family. We will have our snack and popcorn as we watch the film. We will make our very own scene from the film using playdough.
Thursday – Den Building –
This week we will be holding our own ‘Den Building Competition’ .. this will be for the best den and the den built the quickest. We will finish off with baked beans cooked on the campfire.
Thursday – Animation – Next week we will be using Lego bricks to build items piece by piece on screen.
Friday – We will be cooking pizza pinwheels and we will use puff pastry, sauce, pepperoni, and cheese. We will add our toppings and then roll up the pastry, slice and bake in the oven to produce lovely wheels of deliciousness! We will then put on a film and will chill out until home time.

Outside activities all week:
There will be connect 4, giant Duplo, the mud kitchen, construction vehicles, football and Meccano.

Have a lovely weekend!
Kind regards
The Playhouse Team