Helpston Playhouse – Weekly Update 15th October 2021

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Dear Parents / Carers

Playhouse Activities This Week – We have enjoyed reading Goldie Locks & the Three Bears! We have been comparing sizes and joining in with the repeated phrases! The birds have been fed and the children have been learning about caring or wildlife. Playdough has been popular, we created a bakery, creating cupcakes, glitter for sprinkles and straws for candles!

Forest School – In Forest school this week we read Walters Wonderful Web and looked at shapes. We went for an adventure around the garden to look for cobwebs and the shapes in them. We came back to see Walter’s web and we picked out coloured Pom poms with tweezers.

Playhouse Activities Next Week – To embrace Halloween we will be doing spooky activities next week. We will be reading Room on a Broom. On Friday, we will be having ‘Dress up Friday’, you don’t need to go out and buy a Halloween costume, any dark clothes will be great! We will be pumpkin carving and we will save the seeds so that they can be planted in spring. We will be potion making and we’ll be using our senses, experimenting with colour and smells. We will also use the wooden blocks to make our own famous buildings from around the world!

Home activity – This week’s home activity is making a fruit salad. We hope your child enjoys choosing their favourite fruits to chop and include in their very own ‘Fabulous Fruit salad’! Thank you for sharing your experiences, here are a few pictures that have been shared with us!

Polite Reminder – Playhouse Gate – Please can you close the playhouse gate behind you, please do not leave it open or hold it open for someone coming in behind you. All our parents understand that you’re not being rude. We must ensure that every parent, carer, grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, or friend is let in separately to ensure the safety and safeguarding of the children. Please can you remind anyone collecting your child. Many thanks.

 Nearly New Sale – Rachel Higginbotham and Alexa Hall are holding a Nearly New Sale, raising money for our Breakfast & Out of school clubs. Please take a look at their poster for further information … you can be a seller, a volunteer or just pop in to see what’s on sale.

Any help? – Please do not hesitate to speak to staff if you have any concerns or would just like a catch up, we are always available.

Have a lovely weekend!
Kind regards
The Playhouse Team