OOSC – Weekly Update 18th September 2020

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Dear Parents / Carers

Important Updates:

COVID Testing – If you have been advised to take a COVID test or have booked a test yourself for your family, please let us know as soon as possible. It is essential that we are aware of any testing for you and your immediate family. John Clare Primary school will not make us aware that you or your child is being tested. Please also confirm whether any tests are positive or negative as this could affect your child’s bubble.
Change of circumstances / Absence – If your child is not attending the Playhouse (Breakfast Club or OOSC), please contact the Playhouse to let us know (phone or email). If your child is not well, please stay at home. John Clare School will not make use aware that your child is not attending the Playhouse. Any change of circumstances must be communicated to both ourselves and school. Thank you.

Social Distancing – Thank you for your help and patience so far. This is just a reminder that you still need to socially distance when arriving at the Playhouse. The Playhouse staff will come and collect/drop off your child and request that you remain behind the ‘safe’ social distance line on the ground. Please can you update anyone who will drop off / collect your child; grandparents / other family members. Many thanks. We have also included a Quick Guide for Parents What should I do if my child is not well – this is a really useful Guide to help you make the right decision.

This Week – We have enjoyed playing outdoors in the sunshine this week. The KS1 children have played in the small garden with playdough and dolls. They also made ramps for cars with some drain pipes. They also did flower arranging. Our older children have been in the large garden, they have been drawing pictures, climbing the tree and have found some creative uses for the tyres. We have also enjoyed snack time outside.

Next week – Next week we will carry on playing outside and we will play cricket and rounders.

Have a lovely weekend, stay safe and well!
Kind regards
The Playhouse Team